Meet the team

We are a group of passionate adult elite flag football players and coaches striving to grow the sport we love. All of these talented people have been a part of our camps and continue to support SF Elite from all over the country.

Amanda Lara
Proud owner of South Florida Elite Flag. The one with the vision. Lara is currently the girls 15U US National Team Assistant coach. She has over 10 years of coaching experience and plays flag around the nation with and against the best players in the world. Amanda started playing flag football right after finishing her NCAA Division 1 softball collegiate career. She is now a member of the WFFN Team America, WFFN National League Florida Surge, and multiple elite adult travel teams. Lara is both passionate and driven, and aims to grow the visibility of females in the sport we all love.


Michelle Roque

Michelle Roque has played flag football for over 20 years. After a few flag videos went viral she was recruited to play on the U.S. National Team. In 2018, she helped her team win their First Gold medal. Michelle is also the VP of League & Operations for the American Flag Football League (AFFL), the preeminent professional flag football league in the United States. Through her role as a player on the field, job off the field, and with the millions of views on her videos, she continues to lead as a role model for kids and women around the world. 

Crystal Winter-Coleman

Crystal Winter-Coleman is one of the faces of women’s flag football. She is one of the best rushers in the world, and travels weekly to train and play with, and against, the best women and men in flag football. Her passion for playing and coaching is always noticed, as she has loved the game since she started with the sport many years ago. Crystal is a member of the WFFN USA Team, the WFFN National League Florida Surge adult women’s team, and has won various championships at FFWCT adult tournaments. Crystal is also the co-owner of South Florida Sports & Performance, where they run their own adult flag football leagues in the Miami-Dade/Broward areas.

Ramaal Coleman

Ramaal Coleman is at the forefront of refereeing in flag football. He has refereed at the most elite levels of flag, including NAIA, NFL youth flag, FHSAA, Celebrity SuperBowl Flag, AFFL, and FFWCT. Because of his immersed experienced in flag, Ramaal knows the ins and outs of the game. Aside from his weekly travels to cover tournaments and leagues, Ramaal is also co-owner of South Florida Sports & Performance, where they run their own adult flag leagues in the Miami/Broward areas.

Amanda Conforti

Amanda Conforti is one of the most experienced in the game of flag football in South Florida. She has played organized flag for over 20 years, and has one of the greatest minds in the game. She plays and coaches every position on the field. More recently, Amanda has been paving the way for women in football, by helping create and lead the first adult women’s league in Broward County (South Florida Flag Football League). She is also a member and Captain of the South Florida Cat-5 all women’s semi-contact travel team, collecting multiple National Championships over the years.

Belinda Alfonso

Belinda Alfonso is one of the most talented and experienced female quarterbacks and all purpose players in the game. With over 18 years of experience, Belinda has played professionally in the LFL for Miami Caliente and recreationally in various formats. She helped form the first adult women’s league in Broward County back in 2017. As a captain and National Champion with South Florida Cat-5 women’s team, she has been named tournament MVP and received All-Tournament Team accolades.

Willy Perez

Willy Perez started his football career at the age of 19. After over 20 years of playing the sport at the elite level in over 5 formats, he is one of the most well-known quarterbacks in the game. Aside from being a Q, he is well versed in receiving and rushing. Willy has acquired multiple National and World Championships in USFTL and FFWCT with highlights as offensive MVP and starting QB. Most impressively, Willy won the 35 and over World Championship in both 4 and 5 man formats in Panama City this past January.

Manny Sanabia

Manny Sanabia is one of the winningest men’s flag football players in the world. As a 4 year member of Team USA, Manny is a 3 time gold medalist. Aside from playing on the biggest stage in flag football, Manny is a 29 time World Champion in 2 different formats. With over 22 years of flag football experience, Manny is a 2020 UFFL and Florida Hall of Fame Inductee and is the head coach of the Southern California Dawgs, an all-women’s WFFN National League Flag football team.

Liz Sowers

Liz Sowers is one of the most highly regarded women’s flag and tackle football players in the country. She is a member of the US National Team and earned a gold medal in 2018. Liz is currently the Head Coach for the U17 US National Team and NAIA Ottawa University flag football team. She has helped in various clinics around the country including the NFL. Liz is a well rounded athlete, also playing basketball and rugby throughout her collegiate and professional career. As a current member of the Kansas City Glory, she is one of the best receivers in the game of football.

Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis is a former NCAA Division 1 defensive back with a ton of football knowledge. He started his football career playing 4 years at well-known Braulio Alonso in Tampa, where he was named to two all Hillsborough County teams. Jordan was also a standout tracklete. winning the US Pepsi long jump at University of Florida and 3rd in the state for long jump .  He is passionate and excited to continue growing the sport of flag football in the female community.

Marlee Marquez

Marlee Marquez is one of the youngest players to play and prove herself on the biggest stages of football. She is a member and quarterback of FSU’s club team, and plays on various elite adult teams with the best players in the USA. She is currently being scouted as a potential team USA quarterback. At the age of 19, Marlee has proven herself against some of the best elite adult teams in the world.

Sheneika Comice

Sheneika Comice is one of the most well-known female elite players in flag. As a member of the US National Team, Neik helped team USA earn a gold medal in 2018. Originally from Tampa, FL , she has been playing/involved with flag football since 2013. Sheneika has played and won various championships around the country and plays against and with the best in the game. She also recently made her worldwide appearance on ESPN top 10 play countdown.

Vanita Krouch

Vanita Krouch is arguably the best female quarterback in women’s flag football. Women’s US National Team QB,  Gold Medalist and proven elite pioneer in women’s flag, Vanita is one of the most well known players in the mens, women’s, and youth community. She is the owner of 4ward Apparel, a company dedicated to giving back to those in need. As she continues to excel in her sport, she strives to always give back to her community and those around her.

Jo Overstreet

Jo Overstreet has proven to be one of the best receivers in women’s flag. She is also a gold medalist and a member of the US National Team.

Keisa Lankford

US Women’s National Team rusher.

Christopher Lankford

US Women’s National Team Head Coach.

Aaron Ingram

General Manager- USA Football